Upcoming Events

The Summer Sounds of Music

With our choir taking a well-deserved summer rest, we welcome our summer guest musicians:

June 21 Pamela Tibbitts, Mezzo

June 28 Jon Schmidt, Tenor

July 5 Patriotic Music with Ben Kinney and Lynn Mercurio

July 12 Phillip Williams, Tenor

July 19 Ryan Lukas, Bassist

July 26 Lynn Callender, Piano with Ben Kinney and Lynn Mercurio, Guitars

August 2 Ingrid Sandbach, Alto

August 9 Carolyn Caires, Soprano with Hans on Cello and Natasha on Violin

August 16 Barbara Wilkes, Pianist

August 23 Ruth Koenig, Violin

August 30 Jean Kim, Soprano

September 6 Phillip Williams, Tenor

Something for the Men

The St. Luke Men’s Group will meet for food, fun and fellowship on Tuesday evening, July 7th from 6pm to 8pm, at Terry Mech's home.  Please email your rsvp today to terrymech@comcast.net.

Directions and details will be emailed soon.  If you are not on the email list, please contact the church office at 415-454-2705.

Something for the Women

The Women's Association is on hiatus until August!