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Sunday August 19, 2018

This Sunday-Guitar Sunday

Dear St Luke Community,

Wisdom speaks this Sunday. Wisdom, in the Hebrew Bible, is personified as the woman who was with God at creation. This Sunday, Wisdom sets a table and invites those who are “simple and without sense” to come in and dine with her in order to “lay aside immaturity and live in the way of insight.” Wisdom invites those without sense and those who are simple, which sounds familiar as Christ calls all people into a relationship with him, especially at his table of wisdom. That’s good news for me, as there are days when I feel pretty simple and pretty foolish and I thirst and hunger for more Jesus and less me. The days I can admit my way just isn’t working and give over to Jesus are the days that allow wisdom to do her thing. Wisdom is gained over time. It’s not attained or purchased or read about in a book. Like all good things, it’s experienced as something that happens to us over time, thanks be to God.

I’ve been spending some good summertime with Jesus lately, especially at night when I can’t sleep. It’s good to have him around so much. You'll be hearing a song this Sunday written by Dar Williams for her daughter. But when I heard it, I imagined it as though Jesus were singing it to me, to you.

 Here’s a sample of the lyrics-

All the things you treasure most will be the hardest won.
I will watch you struggle long before the answers come.
But I won't make it harder, I'll be there to cheer you on,
I'll shine the light that guides you down the road you're walking on.
You'll fly away, but take my hand until that day.
So when they ask how far love goes,
When my job's done you'll be the one who knows.

Take a listen by hitting the link below and enjoy.

It’s good having Jesus around so often, in thoughts, in song, bringing wisdom and inviting us to table together.

Yours in Christ,

PS- Mark Trotter (Charlotte and Morgan’s Grandfather) gave an extremely important sermon a few Sunday’s ago as a guest preacher at his daughter’s church in San Diego.


Announcements & Upcoming Events

All are welcome to attend 

St. Luke Women’s Association Bridge Group ~  They are looking for people to play on the third Monday and/or fourth Tuesday in the months of September through May.  Interested? Call Elaine 415-454-4851.

Street Chaplaincy Fellowship and Food Tues. Aug. 28th 4:30-6:30 PM
Similar to the REST program so many of you provided for, under Michael and Kathleen’s leadership, St Luke will be providing side dishes and dessert for 50-60 homeless men and women in conjunction with Marin Interfaith Council and Marin Street Chaplaincy. Our presence, as well as our food supply, are welcome. Please let us know if you’d like to drop food off and/or join us for the actual meal.

Please sign up with Kathleen or Michael by emailing them at  or

New Member Inquiry Gathering ~ Sept 9th after worship (note date change)
Frequent attendees interested in learning more about St Luke’s history, The Presbyterian Church and the Reformed tradition.

Fall Speaker Series ~ Who do you say that I am? A three-part series
September 16, 23, 30 after worship in the Bayview Room (note date change)

The question of the historical Jesus has been one baffling scholar from the beginning of time. Join us as we look at different theories from leading scholars of just who this man Jesus was.

Was Jesus a Zealot, a militaristic figure looking to overthrow the Roman Empire? Or was he a mystic, in touch with the divine sphere of reality and wisdom of God? Or was he a political figure, prophet, and Messiah who succeeded in defeating evil and beginning the reign of peace?

Dr. Gregory Love, Professor of Systematic Theology at SFTS, will lead us in a discussion as we uncover why Jesus remains such a popular and controversial figure then and today.

Grateful Gatherings ~ Saturday, October 6th, 8:00 AM to Noon
A non-profit, that provides furniture & household goods to people transitioning out of homelessness & poverty. For a list of needs visit Bring donations to St. Luke on Saturday, Oct. 6th between 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

For questions email: 

Save The Date

St Luke Annual Fundraiser ~ Sunday, October 7th at 6:00 PM
This year, wear your beads and bangles to St. Luke’s Annual Fundraiser Dinner celebrating New Orleans with Zydeco fillet mignon, shrimp jambalaya, and pecan pie. Not to be missed and invite your friends now!

Continuing Events

All are welcome to attend

Bible Study Series ~ Resumes Wednesday, Sept 5th, 9:30 AM  

St. Luke Womens Association ~ Resumes Thursday. Sept. 13th, 1:00 PM
Then every other month on the second Thursday of that month at 1:00 PM.

Committee Meetings ~ Resumes Tuesday, Sept 11th, 6:30 PM
(Deacons, Building and Grounds, New Member)

Morning Women's Spirituality Group ~ Resumes Thursday. Sept 6th, 9:00 AM

St. Luke Women’s Association Bridge Group ~ Resumes on Monday, Sept 17th, 10:30 AM  | Then Tuesday, Sept 2510:30 AM (Play is on the third Monday and/or fourth Tuesday, September to May).

Pizza and Theology ~ Resumes Tuesday, Sept 18th, 6:30 PM
Creekside, San Anselmo. Thereafter on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Please email: 

The St. Luke Men's Group ~ Future Men’s Group meetings: September 4th  TBD, November 6th at the Lenser’s.

Session ~ Future Men’s Group meetings: September 4th  TBD, November 6th at the Lenser’s.

Deacon Ministry

5th Annual Pedal for Protein ~ September 16th -21st
Use the green envelope to donate. A ride for a cause! Supports food bank pantries & projects to help feed hungry people in Northern California. 100% of all donations go to food projects and food justice projects, primarily for the provision of lean proteins. The ride is organized by The Hunger Task Force of the Presbytery of the Redwoods. Find information at

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