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The Weekly View - October 15, 2021

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message from rev.  whitt

Dear St. Luke family,

What makes someone “great”?  Power, prestige, wealth, position, or fame?  Awards, inventions, critical acclaim, talent, or accomplishments?  In this Sunday’s passage in Mark’s gospel, Jesus says it’s none of these.  It’s serving others.  We’ll explore what that means, and how it’s really true, and not only in a “Jesus loves a paradox” sort of way.  
You may have heard that Marin County has adjusted the mask mandate.  The new rules provide that people need not wear masks at indoor gatherings if:

  1. There are no more than 100 individuals present; and
  2. The host, employer, or organizer commits to:
    • Verifying (via vaccination documentation) that all individuals present are fully vaccinated; and
    • Maintaining a list of individuals present; and
    • Controlling access to the indoor setting, ensuring the setting is not open to the general public. 

A final decision about masks needs to be made by the session, but note that even with the vaccination verification procedure the new rules apply only to places that are not open to the general public.  A church worship service is open to the general public.  Further, at this point, going maskless would exclude children younger than 12 from our worship service.
By now you will have received a letter from Laura Hislop representing the team of church members who have been seeking a tenant to replace the Monte de Sion congregation.  That team has been in a productive conversation with a preschool.  There are details to be hammered out, and if all goes well, the preschool isn’t likely to be on site until next fall.  Session determined that the preschool fits with our use of the parts of the St. Luke campus that are important to us.  Session also concluded that a preschool is good stewardship of the property and a faithful contribution to the neighborhood and surrounding community.  John Lenser and Laura Hislop will be available following worship this Sunday to answer any of your questions. 
A note about upcoming worship services: Next Sunday, October 24, we will be experimenting with contemplative worship including silence and music from the Taizé community.  Taizé is an international and ecumenical Christian community in Burgundy, France, founded in 1940.  It has become an important site of Christian pilgrimage, with a focus on youth.  Over 100,000 young people from around the world make pilgrimages to Taizé each year for prayer, Bible study, sharing, and communal work.  The community focuses on peace, simplicity, and reconciliation, and their worship is characterized by repetitive chants with simple phrases from the Psalms or other parts of Scripture.  Short songs, repeated again and again, give worship a meditative character.

On October 31, we will observe All Saints.  All Saints is officially November 1, and your worship committee has decided to observe it on the 31st rather than waiting until November 7, which is also a communion Sunday.  As in years past, on that Sunday we invite worshipers to bring photos of loved ones who have departed this earthly life.  We’ll set those photos around the communion table in a service of celebration and remembrance.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, in the sanctuary and on Zoom.

Grace and peace,
Joanne Whitt
Interim Pastor

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