Who We Are

Welcome from our pastor

St. Luke Presbyterian, like most churches in the 21st century, is beginning to redefine the way we worship. Our hope is to bring the relevance of the Church into people’s lives as we practice together the teachings of Christ. When one places practice before belief, lives transform but not without the need to share our experiences, our joys, and our sorrow in a community of trust and acceptance.

We hope you will visit. Come as you are, off the hiking trail or dressed to the nines. We are informal and dedicated to practicing the unconditional love and grace of God for one another.

Sunday morning is a good time to “let go and let God.” A time to breathe deeply, a time to reflect, a time to shout out loud, a time to weep, a time to laugh all while worshiping God who gives us the ability to feel all at the same time. Sunday morning is a time to find the unconditional acceptance of a loving God who embraces you just as you are. In other words, when we say “come as you are” we really mean it.

Sincerely, Rev. Nicole Trotter

Who we Are

We are people from all walks of life, backgrounds, philosophies, careers, and experiences who come together to love and worship God, and love one another as authentically and unconditionally as we are able.

We see God's love and purpose for humanity revealed in and through Jesus Christ and try to follow his Way and experience his Grace.


We love to worship in both traditional and non-traditional ways. We are relaxed but also appreciate the formality of ritual and sacrament.

Music-Most Sundays we sing traditional hymns because they are rooted in the experiences of countless men and women who come before us. We have a small but classical choir who grace us with their voices and dedication.

Acoustic Sundays-At least once a month we have an acoustic guitar service where we blend secular popular songs and modern hymns that are easy to sing.

Children in Worship and Sunday School

Children are always welcome in the sanctuary. Each worship holds a “Time for the Child in all of us.” This message is directed at children but with the full awareness that it speaks to all people at any age. Following that message, children are invited to the nursery and Sunday School. We have a one room school house led by a mature and wonderful senior who wants to be a pediatrician. There they will be taught bible stories with a focus on God’s love, the teachings of Jesus Christ and sharing God’s love in the world through their actions.

Serving the community and world around us

We care about the community and the world and strive to do what we can to let God's light and love shine from us. We look for ways to serve locally and globally. Our board of Deacons are active and committed and involve the whole congregation's participation in service.

Our Mission

 The St Luke Mission: To practice love by following Jesus. We do this by-

Understanding faith as a verb~That “in the doing” of our faith we practice loving and serving others as we understand Christ to have loved and served others; through compassion, inclusion, acceptance, and understanding. So we welcome everyone. We listen to one another, we learn from one another and honor one another’s lives as we journey together through life. And we trust that we never have to rely on ourselves alone, but look to God who connects and sustains all. 

Worshiping God~ We honor the traditions of Word and Sacrament because we value their timeless beauty, mystery and meaning. We seek a relevant experiential understanding of the Bible through the experiences of an ancient people, who like us, are searching for deeper relationship with God.

Where We Are

St. Luke Presbyterian Church overlooks the San Pablo Bay in San Rafael, California.  We are easily reached from Highway 101 at the Central San Rafael exit.  Proceed east on Second Street which will turn into Point San Pedro Road.  Just past Loch Lomond Yacht Harbor, turn left onto Bayview Drive and an immediate right up the hill into our parking lot.

10 Bayview Dr
San Rafael, CA

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Contact St. Luke:
10 Bayview Drive
San Rafael  California  94901

St. Luke's office hours are:
Monday: 10:00am to 1:30pm
Wednesday: 10:00am to 1:30pm
Friday: 10:00am to 1:30pm
Changes may occur due to circumstances.
Please give us a call first to confirm availability.