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This Sunday~

Our focus scripture for this Sunday is Luke 1:26-38; what is referred to as the Annunciation of Mary. A teenage girl is visited by an angel. Can you stop there, and for a moment forget the rest of the story? Can you remember being all of 13 years old. I don’t know about you, but when I was 13, I would look over to my dolls, knowing I was probably too old for them, but still secretly wishing I could spend more time with them. What was Mary doing that day an angel appeared in the life of a too young, too poor, ordinary girl. This is the one with whom God finds favor. In the ordinary, in the vulnerable, in the weak, the poor, the young, God shows up. For the one who thinks they’re not powerful enough, not royal enough, not enough, God appears.

This is our God and this is us. God finds us, right where we are. There is nothing needed, no right place, no “if” I do this, “then” God will do that. If you’re wondering how it all works, start by wondering with Mary at the magnitude of a God who comes to you, exactly as you are, wherever you are, to bring you the birth of a Christ Child born for you. God finds favor with you, exactly as you are.

See you Sunday,


Upcoming Events/Save the Date (see our Events Page for more details):

Bible Study Advent Series, Wednesday mornings

Waffle Church Sundays,  December 17th, 11:15 AM, after service.

Pizza and Theology, Tuesday, December 19, 7:00pm Creekside Pizza, San Anselmo

Advent and Christmas Worship Services

Blue Christmas Service, Wednesday December 20th, 7:00pm

This contemplative worship set with candlelight and special music is especially meaningful for those seeking reflection, quiet and a contemplative space.

Morning Worship, Sunday, December 24th, 10:00am

We will worship God at our 4th Sunday of Advent service.

Christmas Eve Services, December 24th:

Children’s Wiggle Service for all ages, 4pm  Please bring a favorite nativity piece from your creche at home for the decorating of the communion table (will be returned at the end of worship). Children will receive an ornament to take home. Cider and cookies will be served be after worship.

Candlelight Service, 5:30pm   Our traditional candlelight worship service. Childcare available.

Continuing Events:

Bible Study, Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30am.

Women’s Spirituality Group,  Friday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00am

St. Luke Women’s Association,  2nd Thursday of the month,  1:00pm, in the Bayview Room

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