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This Sunday’s Worship~Acoustic Sunday

Our focus text this week is John 14:15-20. If you take the time to read it, (and I’m sure you will) you’ll see, as a preacher, I have my work cut out for me. Jesus is getting ready to go. He leaves us with the promise of another advocate, the Spirit of truth. The world doesn’t know this Spirit, but we do, according to Jesus.

But do we? Do we know the Spirit? How do we know whether we know? When I was a child my mother taught me from an early age to trust my intuition. Does the Spirit speak to us this way?

When I was going through the ordination process, we had to write a Statement of Faith that included our understanding of Spirit. I looked it up to see if my understanding of it has changed in two years. I discovered that it hasn’t, although if I were to describe it today, I would use less words, resembling more of what my mother taught. But just for fun, here’s the paragraph from that statement~

I believe in the Holy Spirit and embrace its mystery, beauty and grace as the manifestation of what connects and inspires all. Spirit presents itself both as connection and longing for connection through the universal desire for love and brings me home. I’m overwhelmed with the limitless capacity for Spirit as it presents itself as a whisper, a dramatic aria, as quiet reassurance, an unexpected visitor, and holy invitation into renewed hope for life. At its height of grandeur the Spirit inspires ecstatic love for strangers as though I’ve known and loved them a lifetime. 

Eugene Peterson, in his translation of verse 16, uses a different word for Advocate…He chooses the word friendGod will leave us with another friend…

Maybe that’s the best description of all….

See you Sunday~And please stay after worship for the event listed below-

After Worship~

This Sunday after worship in the Bayview Room, we have the pleasure of welcoming guest speakers from Westminster Church who will offer a presentation on immigration awareness. A group of members traveled to Tucson and the border at Agua Prieta, Mexico, and Douglas, Ariz., studying the treatment of migrants. They will show a video presentation and share stories learned on their trip about the challenges and experiences of immigrants today.

Yours in Christ,


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Immigration: Raising Awareness, Sunday, May 21st after worship in the Bayview Room

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