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Dear Members and Friends of St Luke,

This Sunday~ 

We worship God and celebrate All Saints Day which is on Tuesday. You are invited to bring a photo of a loved one for the communion table. We will have a moment of ritual expressed for all those loved saints. In the Reformed tradition, we are all of us saints through our love for Jesus Christ that binds us in this life and life external. Our scripture is Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 (The Message) and John 14:15-20. (NRSV)

After Worship-11:15-12:15~

For the next three Sundays we have a rare educational opportunity. Professor Gregory Love from San Francisco Theological Seminary will be walking us through a shortened version of a class I took in Seminary titled “God and human Suffering.” That's a heavy title, but the way Professor Love teaches it, it will be a theologically challenging intellectual pursuit. Questions like, “Why is there suffering in the world at all if God is all powerful?” How do we make sense of evil? Why do bad things happen to good people? (to borrow a title) will be explored.

The class goes for only one hour 11:15-12:15 and you don’t have to come to all three, but if you come to one you will want to come to all. Prof Love involves his students and moves quickly. I used to say that Prof Love should teach a class on teaching to other professors. He’s just that good.

Strategic Planning update~

At our last session, we covered much ground including naming what we value most. Here’s just a sample below, of seven values we named as most cherished at St Luke. (in no particular order.)

Community- As Christ welcomed all into community, all to the table, all into deeper relationships with God, Christ and one another; we too value deepening our sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves, namely God, with lives shared in community.

Worship-We praise. We praise God, we praise with thanksgiving all we are given; the good, the bad, the ugly, the glorious, as all God given. We come together to hear the World and value the limitless relevance to our world today through the universal struggles of a people then and a people today.

Encouragement-If we have anything in common it is that we need to be reminded in community when times are especially trying, that we are loved. Times when we’ve lost hope and feel discouraged most, is when we encourage the love of God through the encouragement of those we commune with at Church. When we feel we can’t, we are reminded that God can.

Family-We refer to the people of the church as family because we value what family provides. We celebrate that no family is perfect, but looks to love one another in times of need and in times of celebration.

Prayer-Is perhaps a core value in everything we do. We understand God as wanting nothing more than for us to desire relationship with God. We believe prayer deepens that relationship by God’s doing. Prayer of all kinds is one way of being in relationship with God in all that you pray for and all with whom you pray.

Ministry/Service-The doing of our faith. When we serve others, in mission locally and globally we value putting our faith into action. While we trust we are never justified by our works, we value that serving is our expression of love for God as God would have us be at our best.

Fellowship-We value coming together. We value sharing our lives, the intimacy, the details, the struggle and the celebration of our lives in fellowship with one another. Whether around the table, on a hike or on a phone, we value loving one another as Christ taught us to love one another.

Please continue prayers for our leadership team as they continue to dedicate their time and energy; Mike Antieri, Ada Endress, John Bischoff, John Lenser, Wayne Dickinson, Becky Viebrock, Dennis Rolstad, Laura Hislop, George Livingstone, Jan Smith.

Together in Christ,


Upcoming Events (click here for more details):

Sunday, October 30th, November 6th and 13th following worship - God and Human Suffering led by theology professor Greg Love, in Bayview room

Sunday, November 20th, after worship - New Member Inquiry Class

Sunday, November 20th - Meet Bob and Kristi Rice, missionaries serving Democratic Republic of Congo at the home of Jim McCray



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