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Dear Members and Friends,

Yesterday - 

We had quite a lot of excitement around here. When I arrived to the church, our driveway was completely blocked off by a great big oak tree which had fallen. I began by calling John Lenser because he had the contact for the person who has done St Luke’s tree work this past year. Then I called Frank Woolard, because he’s well connected to tree guys in general. Then George Livingstone came by with lunch and that’s when the fun began. “I have a chain saw!” he said. Next thing I knew, George, Frank and John had cut and cleared a huge oak tree just in time for 100 people to show up for a memorial service. Amen amen and thank you to them! 

This Sunday ~ Guitar Sunday 

The music this Sunday is in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. We will hear and sing African-American Spirituals like; It’s Me Oh Lord, Standing in the Need of Prayer as well as Glory Glory Hallelujah, Since I Laid My Burdens down.



Our scriptures include Psalm 40:1-11; 

Happy are those who make

the Lord their trust,

who do not turn to the proud,

to those who go astray after false gods.


Who are our false gods? Do they live in things we think you can’t live without? Do they live in titles and acquisitions? Do they live in the need to be approved of, looked up to and revered by piers? As the song title reflects, what are our burdens that need to be laid down before God?


Sunday’s Gospel is John 1:29-34. The Gospel writer John wants us to hear a testimony of John the Baptist’s witness to the baptism of Jesus. That’s a huge moment for John and for us. We don’t give testimonials in the mainline Protestant churches very often, but maybe if we did, we would discover the enormous value that lives in hearing about Jesus entering into the lives of others. In hearing it, we might find we have an easier time naming our own experience. And if you still struggle with knowing Jesus and understanding Jesus, you are not alone. One of the beautiful gifts of our faith is that we don’t have to fully understand anything for God to enter into our lives and our experience. Sometimes the desire alone can bring us to places we never imagined. This is a new year. Last week you remembered the meaning of baptism. And this week, we continue the very beginning of our walk with Jesus all over again, by taking baby steps, and watching the relationship grow into an everlasting gift. I admire people who talk about Jesus as they would a friend or member of their family with no apology. And I ask myself, “am I there yet?” How can I say with full confidence as John did, “And I myself have seen and have testified that this is the Son of God.”(1:34) Maybe I have, maybe I will again, and maybe there is still further to go. Amen.

Rev. Nicole

A Note From Reverend Trotter~

After only a year and a half here at St Luke, but 20 years in Marin County, I know that many of you are here only once a year. Some of you think religion is the problem, not an answer. Others might have had bad experiences with church in the past. The media doesn’t help the cause, often depicting religious views spewing words of intolerance, judgment and division.

This is not the Church I know, and it’s most definitely not the Christ we know here at St Luke. We don’t claim to have all the answers but rather honor the questions themselves. We don’t walk around stating beliefs, but prefer to practice the traditions of Christ, who loved, accepted and welcomed all people.

If any of you had told me when I was twenty-two years old, that I would one day be a minister, I would have either laughed or been insulted depending on the day. But here I am, reminded every day that the more I live the less I seem to know. That’s a gift at the end of the day, because it allows me to trust in something greater than myself, it reminds me to lean on community, and it encourages me to love as I am loved.

It is in this spirit of trust that Love and Grace will always have the last word, that I wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and New Year.


Upcoming Events (click here for more details):

Wednesday morning Bible Study, 9:30am to 10:30am (next meeting January 18th)

Friday morning, Women's Spirituality Group, 8:45am to 10:00am (next meeting Jan. 20th)

Sunday, January 22nd, after worship, Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, January 22nd, Progressive Dinner, a few spots still open!

Sunday, February 12th, after worship, Second Congregational Meeting with Strategic Planning Committee

Getting Your Papers in Order seminar, Jan. 29th & Feb. 5th, from 11:30 to1:00pm

Lots more upcoming events in 2017!  See our Upcoming Events page for details!



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