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St. Luke Presbyterian Church -where your spirit can grow and your heart can serve!  We welcome all who are seeking a life giving connection to God and community.  If you do not have a church home, we invite you to make your home with us.

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An Invitation to Worship from Rev. Nicole Trotter

Dear Members and Friends of St Luke,

This Sunday~We continue in John’s Gospel on the topic of bread and life. (John 6:24-35) John at times seems repetitive. But only on the surface. The more I examine the text the more I discover. That’s the beauty of the Gospel. That’s the beauty of our lives. The more we look at our lives, examine them and attempt to understand them in relationship to God and one another the richer in depth they become.

We celebrate communion this Sunday. How and why we celebrate remains slightly different for each gospel writer, for each church community and for each individual. The holy sacrament is designed by God to unite us finally.  How do we hold both of those realities together?

Prayers and Helping Hands~

Please take a moment to look at the prayer chain. Who in our congregation might need a helping hand? If you’d like to bring a meal or offer a ride to someone, please call or email Joanne at the office and she will make sure you are plugged into a master plan of help for that person. For example, Marian Rossi is undergoing surgery today but will have her daughter until Wedsnesday.  After Wednesday, perhaps you’d like to bring her a meal. If you email Joanne, she will let you know which evenings are open so Marian doesn’t receive 5 lasagnas in one day.

Parish Plans~

Before I was called to St Luke, I’m told you had small groups called “Parishes.” This week you will receive a phone call or email regarding future gatherings. This allows us to meet in intimate settings and get to know one another in ways beyond Sunday coffee hour. If you’d like to offer up your home for a potluck or have some other idea, please let me know preferably by email. I am looking forward to those very much.

With love and thanksgiving in Christ,